Here at The Legendary we've maintained the same mission we were born with seven years ago: Publish the most unflinchingly brilliant writing we can find, without regard to genre, form, or author's prestige. We've had the good luck to work with some dedicated and talented editors, and the pleasure to publish moving and entertaining work from authors both new and established. As we look toward the next seven or so years, we can only hope to keep doing more of the same each month.

Katie Moore is the founder of a little literary magazine called The Legendary, a coffee shop manager, an improv actor, and a proud mother. She writes because her life depends on it. Katie comes from the untouched wilderness of Southern Maryland, makes her home in the concrete jungle of Memphis, Tennessee, and plans to someday retire to a certain mountain peak in Appalachia to raise goats and rescue pitbulls.  Her hair is curly, her wit is sharp, and if you need to know more check out The Girl Circus.

John Hancock has a thing for words. In a previous life he was a Southeast Poetry Slam Champion. John currently helps run the Memphis Improv and Sketch Collective, and is a long time improv actor/artist/comedian. John has a really hard time talking about himself.

Jessie Bacho is a NJ writer and English adjunct at several local colleges. In her spare time, she enjoys recreating scenes from The Muppet Show with her two sons. Her work has appeared in Germ Magazine, The Legendary, Ars Poetica, In Other Words..., and Prism. Please visit her website or follow her on Twitter @apilgrimsoul..

Lori Werner is a poet living in the down dirty south of Savannah, Georgia. She is currently working on her MFA in Writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She enjoys reading, writing, and is deeply inspired by Joanna Newsom and Sharon Olds. Reading and editing poetry is a great pleasure and challenge to her, as she loves working with other poets and learning from the creative community.

Allison Hancock has been creating art since she was a little hippie. She is a graphic artist, a birth doula, Pagan clergy. and an excellent hippie mom. She grows plants, makes almost everything herself, and tries to live close to the earth. Allison recently launched That Hippie which contains all the skills she has in this world that are safe to talk about.


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