Bekah Steimel

Bekah Steimel is an internationally published poet living in St. Louis. Her pastimes include flirting, drinking whiskey and making people uncomfortable. Find her in Bohemia Journal, Gutter Eloquence, The RPD Society, Sinister WomenVerity La, and more. Visit


Four Poems (May, 2014. Issue 43.)


She wants to break me
but I will never
wear a saddle
or a ring
she wants me to mosey around
inside her homemade fence
and feel content
but I would miss
the wild West


four days ago
I got my blonde locks
chopped and thinned
my hairdresser
said something
that caught my ear
she told me our hair
tells the story of how we live
everything we put
in our bodies
shows up in our hair
everything we consume
everything we let in
I wanted to tell her
that is not true
my lovers
would never show up
on some strand
the women behind my heartbeat
behind my smile
you'll never find them
on my scalp
but they are how I live
that’s what I wanted to say
I just smiled
and tipped her five dollars


I was in a relationship when we met. I was in a relationship, and you were licking a heart off my hand. The heart she drew on me with a red sharpie. The heart she drew on me when she realized I was coming to see you. I was in a relationship, and you were licking and rubbing a heart off my hand. When my body was pure to you again, I let my palm slide down from your lips to your thighs. You sighed and said, "O.K." You sighed, and we kissed, and I wondered if an erased heart is worse than a broken one.


(Previously published in Five Magazine, 2013)

If you love me, you will suffer
I'll make you break for it
make you twist and crawl
jump ledges
for a slice of my heart
if you love me, you’re a masochist
picking the path of pain
I never play fair
I never think first
I’m all action
with little apology
if you love me, you'll be a little lonely
I’ll leave you waiting
I’ll leave you fuming
I’ll leave you
to smile at someone else
if you love me,
I’m sorry.

The Legendary