Jay Coral


Saturday Night Pop Songs (April 20, 2010. Issue 16.)

on Saturday night
when the neighbors start playing pechanga tunes
we will each stick our earplugs
mines are green
hers are pink
shut the noises out (not entirely)
and listen to our own


this is before bedtime
i will brush my teeth
and listen to the vibration of my electric toothbrush
the bristles making war with my snapped teeth

she must feel the same way
when she gurgles her Listerine
the sound of the blue antiseptic like that of a crushing wave


we watch the tv a lot
she pretends to read lips
she infects me with her silent quips

we once watched a documentary
it was a documentary because we felt
we were secretly watching the porcupines
how they carefully make love with each other
without spiking each other out


amidst loud noises
i sometimes imagine i am listening to Mozart
in color, but wait, can music have color?
i must be thinking of Kandinsky

her cooking always tastes divine
she likes to make our own party pancakes
they are not sorry pancakes
she adds Paul Klee in the mix


when we close the lights
and lie naked
and not talk
we feel like two inseparable porcupines.