Jon Morgan Davies

Jon Morgan Davies is a native of California currently residing in Georgia. His work has appeared in such publications as JMWW, Other Voices International Anthology, and Pedestal Magazine. Read more at .


Four Poems (February 27, 2012. Issue 35.)


the devil's magic; box
that hides the secrets--ice
you do not see, the hand
from underground, the dot
of poison, death; the book
of numbers, mourning hue;
the final day of work;
the corporation's gain


Defined by what is absent,
you are not to be
made light of. We who live
in ignorance conduct
ourselves in fear of you,
the secret and obscure
unknown. We call you evil.


Not black. Not white.
Not wrong. Not right.
Both dark and light.
Without extremes.
A space unclear.
When liquid state,
we bath in it
but will not drink.
Unique among
the aged, we find
it sad. The hue
that links our thoughts.


Because you are easy and weigh
just a little or possibly less,
and because we find laughter in you
and esteem you as cheerful and gentle,
because you can render us giddy,
we label you frivolous, trivial.
Still, inside you we find knowledge.
Through you come the things we envision.

The Legendary