Kieran Collier

Kieran Collier

Kieran Collier is an Emerson College student currently residing in Boston, MA.  In 2013 he represented Emerson College at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.  His work has previously been published in Emerson College’s Writer’s Block Anthology 2013-14, and The Catharsis, an online literary magazine of which he is currently assistant poetry editor.  He has strong feelings about the color orange.


Allergic Reactions (August, 2013. Issue 41)

When I told you I didn't like cats
you looked at me like What's wrong with you?
Cats are great. Cats are my spirit animal.
Cats are like God's armpit hair
come to life—but you can pet it.
Who wouldn't want to pet God's armpit hair?
What's wrong with you?

I tell you that the first time I ever pet a cat
I was rushed to the hospital, throat closing up and
hives scarring over my face.

But cats are like love, you say.
And you're right. Cats
are like you.

Everybody already knows what they love about you.
I have never gotten close enough to find out for myself

without losing my ability to breathe.

The Legendary