M. K. Sukach

M. K. Sukach is the recipient of a pushcart—a prized possession of his grandfather’s, who loaded it daily / with the wood he split / for the fire he kept / to warm the house he built / for the women he loved / for as long as he could / push and warm and build and love /…all the things, he said, / on which so much depends.


Three Poems (July, 2014. Issue 44.)


Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt. There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. Ezekiel 23:19-20

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Alice, who lives and works, has an MFA; Judith, just got her MFA and has won (yeah!); Jeffery teaches an MFA program; Chris, Pushcart nominee, is earning his MFA; Richard is the author of numerous works; Amanda’s work has appeared; Claudia lives; Susan has an MFA and a PhD and teaches; Jeanne is also a poetry editor; Gary has a collection of selected works collected; Tim lives with his wife (sounds healthy); George’s poems have also appeared; Claire (I love that name) is a writer but, apparently, doesn’t have an MFA; Randy is not a poet at all; Ken, however, is—and he holds his MFA; Justin (that’s it, just his name); Ben received his MFA; Andrew (probably doesn’t like being called “Andy”) teaches and publishes; Mark has won too many prizes—so they just put a little “etc;” Gary teaches poetry classes in an MFA program; Brenna (not making this up) lives with fabricated animals (allergies); Carter has already published in this journal and had earned the distinct title: “Frequent Contributor;” Debra (another nice name) has the biggest paragraph in the bio section; Austin just says she has recent works in progress; Chris (not the Chris from above) also holds his MFA; Joan resides as a poet; Meredith (not kidding, this is what it says) makes elaborate papercuts (sic)...maybe it’s a misprint for “paper cutouts;” Lee wrote a column (a whole one) five years ago—doesn’t mention if she has an MFA, though; Lee (just like the Chriss (however you spell it), there’s two) publishes poetry; Carrie makes no mention of her MFA, but I can tell she has one; Sarah (always loved that name) works as a plumber and publishes way more than me (I)—whatever, bastards, w/yr subjective pronouns; William (another name snob) has the second biggest entry next to Debra’s; Will (see? now you can tell he’s cool and he writes poems and he has an MFA); Mark has submitted work for a prize; Jeff lives and works and teaches and writes and wins and won; and finally, Robert (“Bob”...he actually wrote that in parenthesis—which is weird...why wouldn’t’ he just write “Bob?”) writes books.

I think may be in love with Claire.

Oh My God Particle

(Previously published in Something Impossible Happens [2014])

Jumping off a bridge...
if jumping off a bridge was everyone's big idea
if my red bike and I were to jump off a bridge (with everyone else)
if I was curious and aloof, serious and glib, thoughtful and reckless
if Jeanie admired my red bike, blue sneakers, in general, my panache
if boys who were extra and blue kissed Jeanie in season across the bridge
if one kiss equals a thousand and Jeanie moved away to college
if by the thousands not one us grew up that well-adjusted
if 4 out of 5 English majors still think bridges are metaphors
if I bought a guitar to lean in a corner and you said it was a symbol of virility
if god 1) makes a puzzle, 2) even he can't solve, 3) solves it, 4) repeats the exercise
if your emotional deficits were displayed as tarot or ornamental lawn gnomes
if later you decide to cross that bridge when you come to it, then got married in Kansas
if the waitress looks only at your wife and you don’t like to admit you like that, too
if the number of people either of you slept with is greater than the sum of both together
if your sex life picks up only in intervals between now and again
if you prefer having dinner next to people who are also alone at the counter
if 1) falling in love 2) with your wife is 3) like a puzzle 4) even you can't solve
if visiting the public library is not the turn on it used to be
if you could have it to do all over again and this time Jeanie had a sister
if novels are really just the 400 pages of recycled blurb
if your work weeks are becoming a euphoric and blissful descent into aphasia
if we can all finally agree calling it "the God particle" is metonymically stupid
if you stop shaving for days at a time and those who shave daily take it personally
if by chance you have a quick question about how to fix all the broken shit in your life
if the bridge were to collapse, something impossible happened, and it wasn't a miracle

The Legendary