Philip Tinkler

Philip Tinkler was born in the bucolic north of England. He has been published in places such as the Mad Hatters' Review, The Medulla Review, Montreal Serai, Stepaway Magazine, Skive Magazine, Red Fez, and Word Riot. His first collection of short stories, The Naked Prayerbook, is available at LucidPlay Publishing. He lives in NYC and can be found at


Three Poems (September, 2014. Issue 46.)


I ask if she's asleep
she says she's asleep
a melatonin kiss then
but only if either/or
rain obscures windows
like girls heart cats

White Folk Don't Watch Betty Boop

Today is a laminate
in God's imitation
man-skin wallet

I capsize my glass
the whiskey lights
a God in my guts

I am clover-fours
and dancing

We Are Now Approaching Leslie Nielsen, Circa 1956

You find yourself at 3AM
searching high-definition
electric, hand-made skies
for astronomically named
JPEGS of Leslie Nielsen
when his hair was August,
and life expected you late
for supper, romance cooling