RC Miller
RC Miller

RC Miller was born 1974 in Parkersburg, WV. He currently lives in New York City. Recent work appears at Thieves Jargon, Flash Fire 500, and The Recusant. He may be found at http://visionblues.blogspot.com/

For Away

He-Wolf Streets


For Away (May 20, 2009. Issue 5.)

He needs her because he’s anxious.
She permits spew in bed, an honest aim.
Anytime he wallows slower, she lays
The visible convulsing.
He remembers that steak is dead.
Hail falls inside her head.

She is thankful for his letters, lighting
What’s gone between their stark emotions
And the first void of morning.
The last darkness chases the city.
Dove traces exchange pity.
It’s too early and awkwardly naked.

She gives him her first stare, plumbing
A destination superior and gutless
As the terror he wears.
Their pups are boiled alive in oral sex,
Loading weapons where most won’t.
When dead, they defect.

He needs her in his head.
Anything the visible remembers is there
But isn’t.
She faces the bed because hail falls on the city.
He is thankful that darkness chases her pity.
What’s left between them ends holy.

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He-Wolf Streets (March 26, 2009. New Moon. Issue 2)

Classless ordeals lap the blanket
A looted booty uncovers.
We mop above the sheet
A scent of our nimble cheats.
Your pink moles
Decode me with
Divisive putty inside holes
I bleep us to flee.
At eve, the snow tunes a cove
Timidly told
The ice from my mind
Is emotion discretely replenished.
And back in the bath
I wash off and slip on an erect cock.
You close your eyes
As he comes in you
Our come enclosing two,
Of the hood
And God when we pounce it.
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